Campaign Diary

A brief summary of the session’s events.

The Triumph of Regolith.

The vile Baron Horatio is dead. Our heroes led the peasants of Regolith in a revolt against his keep.

The heroes trained the peasants in secret; supplying them with armor, weapons, training, and most importantly; a will to resist. All who threatened their plans were pacified: either with imprisonment or the noose. Eventually their hand was forced by the abduction of a young boy by the baron’s men.

They marched for the baron’s stronghold that night, and by dawn they began their assault. The sorceress Schalandria and Leaga the rogue scaled the rear walls of the castle, while Luna, Shamos, and Alaric aided the peasants in a frontal assault.

Caught by surprise, the castle’s defenses couldn’t stop the breach of the first portcullis. With the sorceress’s aid, neither gate stood a chance. Shamos’s “Lunar Crescent” rapier and Alaric’s holy might staved off the waves of guards from swarming the peasants, While Luna used the power of nature to incinerate the castle’s heavy crossbows and extinguish the flaming oil.

The sorceress and rogue slipped into the keep during the chaos. There, 2 veteran warriors stood as a final defense. Leaga slipped into the shadows, while Schalandria bravely fought against their brutal onslaught. With a brilliant bolt of forked lightning, the dragonborn managed to incapacitate the warriors until she and Shamos could dispatch the pair.

As this happened, Alaric reached deep into his reserves of godly might, and struck terror into the guards’ hearts with a crack of thunder. This proved to be the turning point in the battle as the guards threw themselves from the walls to escape his might.

Leaga stealthily searched the upper floors of the castle, eventually finding the baron fleeing through his bedroom window. With a flash of her knife he fell to the ground. Her burning hands spell ended him. Parading his head through the stronghold, the battle was over.

In searching for a treasure hoard, the heroes freed a pale, gaunt guard who’d helped abduct the boy earlier. Using a trapped book as a distraction, he teleported away in a puff of mist.

In the end, the heroes decided to appoint themselves as the new rulers of the barony. They met no resistance from the peasants, who were glad to have a noble who could be trusted to protect them.