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Campaign Diary 2018-04-23

Descent into the Dragonborn Depths

An excerpt from the journal of the rogue Leaga

We finally started moving in to the Baron’s Castle. Couldn’t totally fix the front gate, but we managed to get it open enough to get carts and people through. The Dwarven Queen sent an envoy to us with an offer. In exchange for joining her kingdom, we get protection from the old Baron’s boss. Alaric has been more or less appointed the new Baron of the land. In an effort to give some more protection to the Castle, Shamos went into town and hired some guards. In exchange for food and board, he is training them in combat. Alaric appointed him the Captain, and Shamos appointed a young fellow by the name of Jonathan as what he has taken to calling “Commodore”.
Scalandria found herself an apprentice. A charming young lady named Annette. Luna’s been spending most of her time at the Temple, helping the Priestesses heal those who were injured in the battle. Meanwhile, Leaga found some merchants and sold all of what we deemed useless to them in exchange for quite a bit of money, half of which went to the peasantry. The other half we kept. She went into town with money shouting “It’s Tax Return time!” We didn’t see her until later that night, when one of the peasants hauled her to the gate, passed out in a wheel barrel, setting of Shamos’s alarm. The next morning, in her hung over state, she knocked a very tacky painting off the wall, revealing a map. Shamos found where it lead to, and we went, taking Scalandria’s apprentice with.
Once we reached the location described on the map, we found a cave, in which sat an Ogre roasting a deer, and a very solid magic stone door. Shamos convinced the brute (who’s name we found out is Throck) to join us on our adventure to see what lay behind the door. Scalandria was the only one who was able to open it, seeing as the magic lock required a dragon’s breath to open. Once inside, we explored the cavern, which appears have been some sort of magic underground city full of dragons. We explored a rather odd library with some enchanted books. One of which tried to take our sorcerer from us until Shamos suggested to Throck that the book might be edible. Throck then took the book from Scalandria and ate it. He claimed it tasted of humans. We continued on, and found a secret passage that led to an underground water purification facility. Throck was too big to fit through the hole and opted to stay where he was. On our way back up, we heard Throck struggle with something and get dragged away by whatever it was, leaving a trail of blood behind. We followed the trail, concerned for our new friend, and eventually found him getting “eaten” alive by a skeletal dragon. We took him down, Alaric doing most of the damage, and then Leaga proceeded to loot the treasures that where in the room. We where then met by a rather odd fellow named Tion, who was a skeletal merchant. “The Best” he claimed, being as we’re pretty sure there ARE no other skeletal merchants. Shamos proposed to Throck, after Luna healed his wounds, that he stay at our Castle as a night guard, under the promise of getting to eat the humans that we find unpleasant, and who try to break in at night. Throck might not be the brightest fellow, but he certainly is strong. After that we packed up and headed home.

Campaign Diary: 2018-04-02

The Triumph of Regolith.

The vile Baron Horatio is dead. Our heroes led the peasants of Regolith in a revolt against his keep.

The heroes trained the peasants in secret; supplying them with armor, weapons, training, and most importantly; a will to resist. All who threatened their plans were pacified: either with imprisonment or the noose. Eventually their hand was forced by the abduction of a young boy by the baron’s men.

They marched for the baron’s stronghold that night, and by dawn they began their assault. The sorceress Schalandria and Leaga the rogue scaled the rear walls of the castle, while Luna, Shamos, and Alaric aided the peasants in a frontal assault.

Caught by surprise, the castle’s defenses couldn’t stop the breach of the first portcullis. With the sorceress’s aid, neither gate stood a chance. Shamos’s “Lunar Crescent” rapier and Alaric’s holy might staved off the waves of guards from swarming the peasants, While Luna used the power of nature to incinerate the castle’s heavy crossbows and extinguish the flaming oil.

The sorceress and rogue slipped into the keep during the chaos. There, 2 veteran warriors stood as a final defense. Leaga slipped into the shadows, while Schalandria bravely fought against their brutal onslaught. With a brilliant bolt of forked lightning, the dragonborn managed to incapacitate the warriors until she and Shamos could dispatch the pair.

As this happened, Alaric reached deep into his reserves of godly might, and struck terror into the guards’ hearts with a crack of thunder. This proved to be the turning point in the battle as the guards threw themselves from the walls to escape his might.

Leaga stealthily searched the upper floors of the castle, eventually finding the baron fleeing through his bedroom window. With a flash of her knife he fell to the ground. Her burning hands spell ended him. Parading his head through the stronghold, the battle was over.

In searching for a treasure hoard, the heroes freed a pale, gaunt guard who’d helped abduct the boy earlier. Using a trapped book as a distraction, he teleported away in a puff of mist.

In the end, the heroes decided to appoint themselves as the new rulers of the barony. They met no resistance from the peasants, who were glad to have a noble who could be trusted to protect them.